Something Worth Reading: The Top 25 Companies Where Millennials Most Want to Work

It’s a hot topic in the field of development as well as nearly every other field out there. How do we engage and manage millennials? The generation that is now entering the work force is one that seems to be at odds with the more traditional styles of our offices.  For those who are consistently thinking about this issue I recommend reading Forbes’ analysis of a new report on where millenials want to work.

nshs reportOf the findings:

  • 32% of the top 25 potential employers were in the healthcare sector
  • 90% of millennials cited  gaining skills to advance their career as a factor in choosing an employer
  • 68% of those surveyed prefer to look at the employer’s website directly in a job search – only 24% preferred national job websites
  • Beyond Google and Walt Disney the government sector was a highly ranked desired employer

So why do so many millennials want to work in healthcare or government? I believe that this generation, having come of age post-9/11 is largely motivated by a desire to do good in their world and communities. This is good news for us in development, as we’ve seen before that the best fundraisers and employees are those who mirror the philanthropic motivations of donor. We have to also pay attention to the overwhelming strong desire to grow and advance in this generation. Millennials have a reputation for being impatient in waiting for a promotion and growth opportunities. For us to effectively employ the next generation we will have to:

  • publicize the careers and industry of development
  • rethink promotion pathways (and timelines) and offer more concrete growth and development earlier for retention

It should be noted that those surveyed were largely high school student members of the National Society for High School Scholars. Therefore this data is reflective mostly of high performing students with little exposure to the professional world. A study of a similar nature focused on post-college millennials would be particularly interesting.


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