Three resources for better understanding competition for talent in fundraising

Hi everyone,

I have a few quick resources for those who are constantly looking for more information in fundraising talent management.

FREE WEBINAR THIS WEEK. Jan Cady (former President of the Children’s Hospital Trust) and I will be conducting a webinar this Wednesday, May 7th at 2pm ET/3pm CT. The session is entitled “Fundraising Talent Management in a Competitive Environment.”  More information and registration for this free session can be found here.

PARTICIPATE IN OUR SURVEY OF FRONTLINE FUNDRAISERS.  This month we are conducting a survey of frontline fundraisers across the country and the world to better understand how they relate to metrics, professional development opportunities, and what drives their job satisfaction. Participants will all have the opportunity to receive a copy of the report’s findings. Take the survey here. It should take no more than 15 minutes. If you want to learn more about the survey feel free to email me at

CHECK OUT MY ARTICLE IN THE AHP JOURNAL. For this spring’s issue of the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy Journal I wrote one of the featured articles. The topic, as you may guess, was all about the struggles of healthcare development offices in finding and keeping talent and includes some best practices, benchmarking,  and data from across the country. Read the article and learn more here. AHP members can view the journal and article for free, but I am happy to share my own copies with anyone who asks.



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