Titles in Fundraising – Break-out of 5 Big Public Universities

As I mentioned before, the next few series of posts will focus on titles, and I will be breaking out titling by categories in the non-profit sector. First up – big public universities. I looked at the frontline staffing for 5 big schools and mapped out the titles that were used. The full chart is below.

A few things of interest:

  • There were 17 Vice President positions related to development between 5 institutions – it looks like the VP title in this grouping is becoming less and less associated with only meaning the CDO or most senior fundraiser.
  • While I excluded explicit support staff, there appears to be set of junior fundraisers coming up through “associate” titles (development associate, constituent relations associate, etc).
  • Frontline fundraising staff totals for the five institutions I chose ranged from 24-76.
  • There were only two individuals with the traditional “development officer” title and one “major gift officer,” with the most frequently used general title being “director of development.”
  • In the broader staff rosters the title “Director” seems to be the favorite for staff positions in both development and advancement services.


Big Public Titles

What do you think? Any surprises?


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