The Real Cost of Fundraiser Time – A Breakout of Two Possible Scenarios

In follow up to this post I’ve created this infographic breaking out a few ways to think of development officer time and how important it is to focus your fundraisers on fundraising. Every time a fundraiser’s time is diverted from major giving there is a loss of potential gift income. These two hypothetical situations demonstrate how and why this is so.



4 thoughts on “The Real Cost of Fundraiser Time – A Breakout of Two Possible Scenarios

  1. Great observation. I think the protection of a fundraiser’s time is THE BIGGEST issue for organizations that want to grow. I tend to think of it in terms of opportunity cost instead of ROI — (how many $25K donors could you have solicited while you were planning that gala?) but the point is well taken.

  2. Let’s also remember that even the best fundraisers need/want a ‘distraction’ now and then to help them refocus, recharge and have yet another success. And that most DOs view those distractions as having a critical component to the overall fundraising cycle and goals. Vacation is a part of the ‘recharge’ formula but getting into the classroom with students, helping with a critical collateral piece, providing input on alumni/donor events, etc. are important factors in how many Development Officers feel about the job they are doing and the impact they are having. Some distractions can help a Development Officer understand their place, role and importance in the bigger picture of the institution. Sometimes those alternate activities go above and beyond the traditional DO role and have an even larger positive impact on the institution or the profession of fundraising. What if DOs didn’t serve on boards in their community or volunteer with CASE or help AFP with National Philanthropy Day? Having successful DOs involved with things other than culitvation/solicitation can be a win/win for everyone. If your DO burns out from zero ‘distractions’ I bet the cost of turnover greatly adds to the hourly cost of a DO. Okay, I’m officially distracted now. Need to send my Thanksgiving cards …

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